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Photo of Company CEO, Pamela K Isom

Founder & CEO of IsAdvice & Consulting

“Leveraging my experiences of serving 8 years in the Federal government, my expertise in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and Energy, plus many years in the private sector, I founded IsAdvice & Consulting, LLC (IsA) to support economic growth and equity by stewarding ethical use of decision technologies like AI and autonomous systems and advancements. 


My goal is to be a catalyst for fairness and opportunities through technology, thus saving lives and our planet. It requires furthering the understanding of Data ethics and cybersecurity practices that keep pace with continuous evolution. I think about our youth - they are the ones who will carry the torch, so I support STEM / STEAM and career coaching for all. 


I was taught to be courageous therefore my leadership style is optimistic, balancing collaboration and independence, and practicing strategic risk-taking. As a young child, I wrote my first book of poetry, and earlier in my career I led the authorship of the book, ‘Is Your Company Ready for Cloud? Choosing the Best Cloud Adoption Strategy for your Business, that introduced patterns that remain relevant today.

I want to join you in your journey and experience technological advancements for societal benefits and the mission of your organization. Let’s become a part of the solution by shaping and influencing policy and generating responsible, equitable, and safe outcomes. That is a recipe for success, innovation fidelity, and lasting business growth”. 

ForHumanity Certified Auditor for AI, Algorithmic, and Autonomous systems with a specialization in Disability, Inclusiveness & Accessibility.

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